There was at least Two Hundred Clubs in Cumbria alone and about One Hundred and Fifty of those Clubs were Booking   Entertainment every week end  and some every night of the week, Thousands of people throughout Cumbria were entertained by wonderful Entertainers from all over the UK and Ireland it was the Clubs that were the new Theatres and Music Halls for the ordinery working people of Cumbria and we had our very own  Stars if you could make it in the Clubs (not easy) this could be the start of some thing really big for you because many of our Club Stars made it to be National TV Stars or even internatioal Stars of Stage Screen and Radio, these were the years of live entertainment and this website is a Celebration and appreciation To All.                                  


For everything all those wonderful Entertainers did for us through the Golden Years DANNY AND JOAN (Picture below) wish to present to you some of the wonderful talented entertainers that we have worked with or had the good fortune to meet in our years in Cumbria's Club Circut, There are so many more great artists that i have not got a picture of, but if you have, I would be pleased to include it in these celebration web pages.


   Danny and Joan (Musicians)  Authors.




Tommy Askew (Brilliant Tenor)


   Brilliant Guitar/Vocalist             Fantastic Act Father & Son 


   International Star Julie Craig, wonderful  Act                    


                                                Cabaret Star, The Fab               

                                                Sadie Wilson at the Solway

                                                    Lido Holiday Camp




Danny & Sue at the

Falcon Club Club Charity Show 1968       


                                                        Sue some years later live at    

                                                         the Solway Village Silloth                                                                            




       Leonie Bainbridge                          Tommy Kennedy

     Superb Accordionist                          Simply  The Best

     (International  Star)                      Song & Dance (Great Act)


Joanie on the Drums in the         One of Cumbria's first Girl

 Cumbria Ballroom Workington.   Dance Band Drummers

     Wonderful Family friends

Red Skelton with( Danny & Joan)     Country Vocal/ Guitarist

at Whiteheather Hotel Kirkbride.           Our Mr Jim Reaves  



 Patricia, David, Joanie.                                           

 David was a Butlin Star                      Dennis Mitchell

 Talent Show  Winner                          ( Great Tenor)


  Vocal/Comedian/Actor                        A Cumbria Great.  

     ( Internarional Star )                   TV, Radio, Cabaret, Star


   Johnny Barrow  (Magic)               Vocal/Comeadian/Guitarist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 Danny Holmes Road Show         Liz Steward (Live)on the       

 Rehearsal at Marie Gibsons               Pat Allan Show

  Dance school Whitehaven        Falcon Club Egremont 1960s


      Sue & the Danjolairs                 Marie Elliot Live with the

 At E.Curles Garden Studio              Danny Holmes Road Show 


                                                           The Ex-Service Club Carlisle

  Vocalist  Pete  Hoban                                Sadie Wilson

With Cliff Elland Big Band                       with the (Show live)

     Mr Personality +                                                            

        A Cumbria Great                        

        Bobby Lane (Vocal)                            

                                                                      The One and Only

                                                                      Mr Mark Darrell Fab

                                                                 Country Vocal/Guitarist

                                                                 Sill Singing and playing

                                                                         Fantastic act




Wee Willie and the Wanderer's

A fantastic Band


        Top Trio Fantastic Act                                       



                                                                      Ken a star

                                                                  a Cumbria Great


The Fantastic Cumberland

Tenor and Wonderful Friend

Ken Fitzpatrick from Carlisle

The Wonderful Faye Crawford

Singing Star/Recording Star

Actress /Cabaret Star

Ellan Roberts(Superb Vocal and Compere


Dougie Gee (Great Music)              


       The  Fantastic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 The Queen of Country                    Mr Al.Fonsolari  (Live)        

         Great Vocalist                  Musican/Vocalist and Radio Star


The Danjolairs at Seacote                       A Cumbria Great

Hotel St Bees (New years Eve )               Mr John Forster


                                                          Click on his Picture to visit

                                                           his site. John Forster is the

                                                           best Guitarist that I have

                                                           heard in all the years in

Brian  & Sarah Hewick while            Showbiz.

playing in the Danjolairs at

the Whiteheather Hotel                               

          John  Forster (left)  Playing

                                                                         with the

                                                           Danjolairs at Senhouse WMC



Brilliant Lead Guitarist                         Wonderful Vocals and

      and Vocal Duo                                 Musicians Bev and Rick

Brian  and  Sarah  Hewick                    Brilliant Entertainment



Star Cluster with Comedian

 Mr Rocky Brown (Centre)               

Musicians Stan & Ray                             Brilliant Guitarist

and Magician Johnny Barrow                    John Forster

 person on the left not known



                Simply the Best

Border TV and Top Cabaret Star



Brian Jarmy with Joan Holmes 

      in The Country Band Live         


The Great Danny Mckeown wonderful artist/Vocalist

 Concert Chaiman and Compare at Mirehouse Labour Club

                       A wonderful dear friend

 Mr Danny Mckeown a fantastic Man and a really great friend

                              Mike & Shiela

Brilliant Musicians / Music Teacher's/ Mike Plays with the

Northern Symphonia Orchestra, and the Scotish Fiddlers 

     Mike And Shiela Stubs at home with there Family

The Wonderful Calder                    The Market Hall Egremont   Club Whitehaven.                               lately  Refurbished                                                                                                                                                                        

The Calder Club was really the hub of the local Club scene for the indivdual artist, and at that time you had made it if you got a booking there, it had a at least 500 seater concert hall and a large lounge bar furnished with the most comfortable and even luxurious furnishings, where you could take your wife and feel that this was a big night out with some of our big TV Stars and

make no mistake they were there live and at a price we all could afford.

The Egremont Market Hall was the main Venue for Dance Bands and was the place to play if you were good enough.

 These Venues are stll there and still being used, where 80% of all the other places where we used to play are no more,  the sad thing is that lots of those wonderful Entertainers are also  gone and that means that those of us that are still here have had a very big chunk of our lives taken away.

We also must remember all those Entertainers who visited our Clubs from all over the UK there are  some of them on page 2.

If any body would like to add there name to our roll of memorys

please send picture to me via e-mail .                                    



Here are some of the great Artist that we have not yet got  pictures  of  Mr Vince Bragg, Mr Owen Bragg  Jean Johnston Joe Burns, The Adair Family Band. Bob Newel.



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